How it works


Aside from billing and reporting, which can only be accomplished on our website, all the actions pertaining to our service are performed on the mobile device. Therefore we want to make sure that you have all the information needed to make the use of our service easy and fun. Following is a tutorial for using our mobile application on an iPhone or iPod Touch (screenshots will be slightly different on iPad due to the larger screen):


Xignoff-specific verbiage:

Tag = the person who provides the signature to you

Category = optional grouping of Tags

XO = a signature slot

Sequence = optional grouping of XOs pertaining to the same Tag


Getting started

XignOff is an application designed to capture signatures using mobile touchscreen devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android). These signatures and their identity are permanently saved (while your account is in good standing) in our cloud together with metadata specific to each signature: time, date and location.

The metadata stamped on the captured signature certifies the time, date and place it was captured (providing that the device’s time and date settings are set accurately and its positioning service is enabled) and, at the same time, ensures that the signature is unique and hasn’t been used anywhere else (e.g. copy/paste).

Because the signatures are stored in our cloud, an Internet connection is mandatory for XignOff usage (Wi-Fi connections are preferred to ensure speed and maximum reliability).


The XignOff service is made up of two distinct components:

  1. A free software client installed on your touchscreen device, used exclusively to capture and maintain signatures (signature pad) and transmit them into the XignOff cloud.
  2. The XignOff website,, provides an easy to use interface for the management of XignOff service components, together with a reporting interface that provides valuable information about the usage of your service. From here you could access any historical information regarding your XOs, Tags and their activities, within predetermined periods of time. The website is also used as a payment portal where you would provide information for the credit card to be debited for your monthly service fee.


XignOff makes it easy to not only capture and store signatures, but it allows for indexing them in ways that make sense to you, since you directly create your own unique indexing structure. As part of your monthly access fee, XignOff provides a fixed number of XOs that you assign, manage and use in any way that  you want. You can add as many Tags as you’d like, assign them to Categories which you may chose to create and allocate XOs to them according to your needs.  In other words, you have total control on the way you use this service.


Working with Tags

A Tag record contains information specific to the person who provides signatures to you: name, company, telephone number and email. You create your Tags as follows:



When you first access the application on your mobile device, an empty “Tags” window is displayed. Tap the “+” button in the upper right corner and provide the name, phone number, email address and company (optional) of the person that shall provide signatures to you. Before you “Save” the new Tag, you can optionally assign it to a category, which you could create by selecting the Category field. Upon creation, all categories are available for each new Tag. If all are left uncategorized, the Tags shall just be displayed sequentially in the “Tags” window. If however at least one category exists, all uncategorized Tags shall be displayed under the “Uncategorized” heading.



Alternatively, Tags could be deactivated so they don’t show in the “Tags” window on your device. In order to deactivate an active Tag on your mobile device, swipe your finger to the left on the particular Tag line and tap the “Deactivate” button which becomes available in the right section of that field.



To reactivate a Tag, tap the “Inactive” button in the upper left corner, swipe your finger to the left on the Tag that you want to reactivate and select “Reactivate”.



All information pertaining to a Tag record can be changed, including the Category the Tag may currently be assigned to. To do so, select a Tag from the “Tags” window and tap the “Edit” button. Once done, select the “Save” button.



Working with XOs

Depending on the monthly plan you have enrolled in, you receive a fixed number of empty XOs each month. Empty XOs get allocated to Tags, depending upon your individual needs. One Tag may receive 10 XOs, while another 20. To assign XOs to a Tag, select the Tag from the “Tags” window and tap the Allocate button.



In the “Allocate XOs” window, you would provide the number of XOs to be assigned from the Total. Optionally, a Sequence name could be provided to group XOs within the same Tag and select “Save”.



You could also de-allocate empty (unused) XOs from any Tag and reassign them to any other Tags. Used XOs cannot be changed, as they become permanent records for that Tag. To de-allocate unused XOs, tap the “Deallocate #” button. The entire number of unused XOs for that Tag will be returned back to the pool.



Capturing signatures

Once you’ve created at least one Tag, and XOs have been assigned to it, you are ready to capture signatures. To do so, select an empty XO to open the signature pad.



Once the signature pad is open, have the Tag sign using their finger. Double-tap the tab to clear it for another signature attempt. If satisfied with the signature, select the “Save” button. Once saved, an email receipt will be sent to the Tag’s email address on file, to certify this action as well as the time, date and location of the signature.



For location information to be captured with the signature record, the device used for capture must have location services enabled. XignOff relies on the Google Maps service for location identification, as well as triangulation from the mobile carrier, if the device used for capture is set for mobile service use (e.g. iPhone).

Although our application has built-in intelligence to provide location services as accurately as possible, it can only be as accurate as the information received from these third-party services. Depending on various factors, the device may just take a specific location for the signature while other times it may provide a list of locations from where you must select the closest address to your location.

Once the signature is saved, the “Notes” field pertaining to this signature record becomes available. There are no restrictions on the number or type of characters that could be inserted in this field.



If any notes are added into this field, select the “Save” button to commit the changes to the record. If you’d like to make your Tag aware of these notes, select the “Email” button in the upper-right corner and an email receipt of the entire record is sent to the Tag’s email address on file. If you’d like to see the signature location on a map, simply tap on the location field in the full signature record.



The location is subsequently pinpointed in a street/satellite map format.



Although this tutorial covers all areas of using XignOff on your mobile device, feel free to contact us if you require additional information.