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Signature Capture Matters, Whether Digital Signatures vs. Electronic

March 31, 2014 10:24 pm

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Signature Capture and Data Integrity XignOff is not intended for signing documents, but instead it captures signatures to validate the closing of a transaction (e.g. Gym session, site visit, delivery, etc). XignOff ensures the integrity of the signed block by adding a unique watermark to the captured signature. Therefore signatures could not be copied and pasted from one block to another. Also, every time a signature block is saved, a receipt […]

Signature Capture App | Case Study: Personal Trainers

10:15 pm

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XignOff was developed to validate the occurrence of a transaction (e.g. Gym session, site visit, delivery, etc) via a signature capture. Example: Personal Trainers and Signature Capture In the word of fitness training, Bill Trainer sells a block of 20 training sessions to John User. John pays for the 20 sessions from the beginning and starts using these sessions one by one. Bill is using XignOff and assigns […]