As we proudly state on our home page, you could use XignOff to capture signatures for just about anything. Here are just a few examples of specific areas where our application could improve your productivity:


Fitness Trainers and/or Massage Specialist:

Most of the time your clients purchase a number of sessions ahead of time and therefore you need to accurately keep track of the attended sessions. With XignOff you could assign a number of signature slots equal to the number of sessions your client has purchased, and have the client sign at the end of each rendered session. Both you and the client will have a record of that signature together with the time, date, location and any specific notes pertaining to that session, thus unequivocally certifying the use of that session.



Following the same concept, our application could be easily used to certify the execution of a tutoring session.



Instead of using paper which must be processed back in the office, XignOff could provide the proof of delivery signature in electronic format. Together with that, you would also have the date and time of the actual delivery, as well as the actual location where the signature has been captured. By using our reporting subsystem, you could easily obtain historical information regarding all of your deliveries as well as gain important information about areas and times of deliveries which could significantly improve your workflow. Also, the signatures and related metadata could be imported into your ERP system via custom APIs which our company could provide.


Rent Collections:

If you’re collecting cash from your tenants, our application could be used to certify that transaction. Details of the transaction could be entered in the Notes field and both you and your tenant would have a receipt of the transaction. The receipt includes the details as well as the associated date, time and location of that transaction.